Christmas 2017 Garden Bag Offer

Looking for a very special Christmas Gift for a gardener?    What about a 6 month Garden Bag service? 

We have a deal at the moment which will be appreciated by anyone with a garden or palm trees!  We only have 16 LOQI bags -so order early! 

$108 will give your giftee an on going  6 month present of awesomeness.  

  1.  A FREE Garden Bag Frame & Bag Service Set up.

  2.  Collection of 6 bags of green waste & cardboard. (any light dry clean waste can be put into the bag)

  3.  A special gift of a gorgeous LOQI bag  -a  gorgeous arty shopping bag. We will choose one for you. See photo for styles. 

  4. Christmas card from you. (Tell us what you want to write on the card) 

  5. Calander and Garden Bag Information flyer. The calander will let them know the week we are doing their area

  6. Monthly reminder email  the week before we exchange the bag (so they can make sure the bag is full)  

  7. Discounted Skip bins 10% off 4 & 6 cubic m. 

We will set the service up in December or January.  Before the last (sixth)  collection  we will offer the chance to continue or remove the service  as they wish.  Find out more about our Garden Bag service  or ring 0732991501 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Rubbish Removers Garden Bag  4The Rubbish Removers Garden Bag gift IMG 0372The Rubbish Removers Garden Bag Calendar IMG 0374

Do we do your suburb?  We service much of Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich - below are a list of suburbs we have a Garden Bag operator in.  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or ring 1300 548 324 or 3299 1501 to book it in or make an enquiry. 

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How to get rid of your junk when moving house.

Selling up?  Moving house?

Time to Clean Up?   

The Rubbish Removers Skip Bin

It's a big step selling your house and moving out. You can add dollars to your house value by simply cleaning up the junk  and decluttering the mess.                 It will make your  rooms look bigger, brighter,  cleaner and give the “Wow”  feel for the potential buyer.    You will probably need to dispose of some junk  as you go – you certainly don’t want to transport your rubbish to the next home! Here are some handy tips to dispose of your junk. (aka rubbish, garbage, or other-people's treasure)  

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Garden Bags - Why they are so good.

Do you ever wander out into your garden,

The Rubbish Removers Garden Bag  1

cup of tea in hand to stand in the sun?

 And then you see a weed.  And then another weed.

And  3 hours later you are still out there gardening?  

I did - last week. And after the weeds it was a light prune on the grevillas before starting  the palm frond clean up.

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Using an on-line Skip Bin Supplier

The Rubbish Removers Skip bins and Online Suppliers

On-line (Third Party) Skip Bin Suppliers.  

You can google “skipbins” and a number of on-line skip bin suppliers pop up- both Australian and foreign owned. They have nothing to do with the waste industry but their business is the logistics of supplying a skip bin to a client at a discount rate and taking a commission for that.

The rubbish removal company who receives the work has given the lowest quote for that day / hour / moment. The prices can change quickly depending on the competing companies.

As everything – booking a skip bin this way has pro’s and con’s !

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Skip Bin? Save money with these 8 Tips.

Want to only pay for the amount of rubbish you have?   Try our Fill to Level Service.  The Rubbish Removers Fill to Level Bin

This option is perfect for the "moving house' junk or if you really have no idea how much rubbish you will have!

 Maybe your friends, neighbours or kids will want that old sofa or fridge and maybe they wont. 

That's ok - grab the Fill to Level option bin and only pay for the junk you need to clear out.  

Read our 8 Tips  to save money when using a skip bin ...

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