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Garden Bags

Garden Bags provide an easy way to help keep your yard and garden looking tidy.

Wouldn't it be nice to just put all your unwanted garden, lawn clippings and palm fronds in a bag and have them picked up and disposed of for you?  

That's what this service is all about. A very affordable way of keeping your yard tidy year round without having to worry about hiring a trailer or making trips to the dump.


The Garden Bags Process

Generally, we collect your bag either monthly or 2nd monthly. But if you need extra bag collections one month or maybe you are going away please just let us know and we'll work something out for you.
We give you a 'fridge calendar' so you know when to expect us to service your bag. And every time we come to collect your garden bag we leave a slip in your mail box which explains the months you have paid for and the week you can expect us to return.


2 Simple Garden Bag Guidelines

1. Please do not overfill
It is important that garden waste is not filled above the frame of the bag. The flaps of the bag must be able to be folded over to prevent any waste spilling over on your property or during transport. Also, sticks, thorns and other items poking out the top of the bag can be a hazard to our drivers collecting the bag.

2. Please keep the weight to a reasonable limit
The trolleys we use to transport the bag to our truck are good but an overweight garden bag is a safety issue for our drivers. We are very fair with the weight limits we accept but it is not safe for our drivers to load and move excessively heavy bags. Again it is a safety issue for our drivers, we do not want them hurting their backs. For example, a full bag of lawn clippings can weigh up to 100kg (dry) or 150kg (wet).

If a bag is overfilled or overweight we will leave a second bag at your property. Waste can then be distributed to both bags and our drivers will return to collect them the following month.


What can be put in the garden bag?

 These bags are great for all your "green waste" Garden pruning, hedges clippings, palm fronds, grass clippings, weeds, small branches and leaves are all suitable. Please do not use the bags for soil, bricks, concrete or rubbish like plastics, glass, dog and cat "poo" etc. All green waste is taken to recycling facilities and needs to be a "clean" green load to be accepted.


To Book a garden bag in Brisbane please call (07) 3299 1501, or 1300 548 324.

Click here to download our garden bag flyer [Garden Bags]

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