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The Rubbish Removers Skip Bins & Garden Bags Reviews

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Skip Bin Hire Brisbane Logan and Ipswich

"The skip bins provided by The Rubbish Removers are ideal for household and retail clean ups and green waste removal"

Our household skipbins are versatile! Light & easy to manoeuvre so we can place it inside your property or on the footpath. We'll try & position it as close to the rubbish as you possible to make loading easier.

What can I put in the skip bins?

  • Household rubbish
  • Computers, Televisions, Mointers Electronic goods
  • Furniture
  • White goods, Fridges, washing machines, dishwashers
  • Oven, stove tops
  • Mattresses
  • Green Waste
  • Cardboard
  • Retail Waste
  • Shed Clean Outs
  • Kitchen & carpet renovation

What can’t I put in the skip bins?

  • Hazardous Waste (Liquid paints, Poisons, Chemicals, Toxic Waste, Gas Bottles, Oils)
  • Hard Fill Waste (Soil, Bricks, Concrete, Gravel)
  • Asbestos - Asbestos can only be removed by licensed  transporters. You MUST NEVER place asbestos in our Skip bins. Skips are tracked and we can identify the source of asbestos. There is a minimum fee of $400 if asbestos is placed into our Skip bins.

How long can I keep the skip bin?

You will have the bin for  5 days, and we collect it  anytime on the 6th  day.  However, if you need the skipbin collected sooner just let us know.  Alternatively, if you need a few more days give us a ring.  There is a fee of $10 per extra night.

What so great about these skip bins?

  • Our skipbin options are 2,3 4 or 6 cubic m.     If you have larger or heavy waste like hardfill (concrete, soil, bricks, tiles)   try our  hook-lift range of bins.  
  • The footprint of the bin is 2.5 x 1.7 with the height depending on the volume.  4 cubic m is 1m high, 6 cubic m is 1.5m high.
  • The door at the back of the skipbin allows easy  load access especially if you have awkward bulky items like white goods, furniture or bed ensembles. The rollers allow the drivers to position the bin under a carport, in a garage, on driveways, grass lawns or footpath.  We try and get the skipbin close to the rubbish!  


What Size Skip Bin Should I Order?

1. Order and pay for a 4 or 6 cubic metre bin.  We drop, you fill, we collect! Simple and no fuss!

If you are not quite sure how much rubbish you have then ask for a FILL TO LEVEL bin.

  • We bring out a 4 or 6 cubic metre bin which you pack your junk into
  • You will need to contact us the day before collection (usually the 5th day) during office hours and let us know which level you went up to, 2,3, 4 or 6. (Level markings are on the inside of the bin.)
  • We then create the invoice and organise your payment for the level on the bin that you used
  • We then come and collect your bin

YIKES!   I'm  doing a really  BIG  job & that's just not big enough!                                 The Rubbish Removers  10 cubic m bin

We have hook-lift  skip bins 4 to 18 cubic m with a hefty 4 tonne of weight allowed. Just ring us on 3299 1501  to book one in.



Rubbish Removal - Load & Go Service                                                                                                                                        

Too busy or life moving too fast?  Need a "Load &  Go" Rubbish Removal?  Ring us and we can have one of our friendly drivers load the skipbin (or give you a hand to load) and take your junk right away. Prices are based on volume and the first half hour is included. (After that there is a cost for extra time) 


Where can the Skip bin go?  What about Council permits?

This is an important consideration when ordering a skip bin!  We prefer to put your skip bin inside your property line – either in the driveway or front yard.  Our small “Lite bin” trucks can even put the bins into the back yard if you have access.  Being closer to your home means it will be easier for you - less effort carrying all the rubbish to the bin as it is closer and less chance of someone doing a drive by and popping a little extra in. (or taking something out!)

However, we are able to put the bins on public property like the footpaths, bordering parklands or easements. Local councils do have varying regulations about the position of the bin and you may be required to apply for a temporary permit.

It is the customer’s responsibility to organise a permit. Without a permit you may potentially be fined by the local council. The Rubbish Removers do not accept responsibility for acquiring permits, checking the permits or paying fines issued for the unlawful placement of a skip bin. Find your local Council contact details/ phone numbers on our blog page. 


How should the Skip bin be loaded?

bin_levels2  skip_closeup2

Our bins have a door on the back and we suggest you stack your bulky waste in first (white goods, furniture etc)  and then put the door back on - tossing the light waste over the sides. Don't forget to break down any furniture (book shelves cupboards etc)  to give you more room in the bin. You are welcome to put mattresses on top of the bin (like a lid).

How can I pay you?

We accept Cash, Bank transfer (EFT) or Credit card. If you have decided to pay with cash – please give us a 3 hour time frame for the driver to collect the cash on drop or collect. If you cannot be there during that time, let the office know and we will reschedule the driver. Skip bins do need to be paid for before collection.

What Suburbs do you go to? 

We cover most of Brisbane, (Northside and southside)  Logan, Bayside  and Ipswich.  Just ring 1300 548 324 and have a chat to our friendly staff to confirm a date, price and booking.

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The Rubbish Removers is your Brisbane junk and rubbish removalists. From your home, office, garden waste, deceased estates and much more. Our skip bins and Garden Bags cover: South-East Queensland, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Redlands.

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